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YouTube video SEO
YouTube video SEO

YouTube video SEO

 If you have a channel and you forth to the next level of YouTube video growth, SEO can make your channel as a brand. In case if you’re satisfied with the couple of video views then there is no requirement of doing YouTube video seo.

Why choose Getview

 We Getview optimize your YouTube video in such a way that it ranks on youtube SERPs and we have professionals for optimizing your channel to boost unexpectedly. We have 24/7 customer helpline to resolve your problem regarding any issue.

YouTube Keyword Research

 For YouTube SEO, first you have to understand keywords importance. For any aspects of digital marketing you have to understand the importance of keywords. Then generates potential keywords for your YouTube channel niche.  For keyword framing my personnel favorite strategy is to go with the youtube keyword suggestion all you need to do type related keyword to you niche and youtube suggest you a bunch of keyword related to search.

Then choose the low competition keyword for your youtube video. This is especially for those who have not so many subscribers.

Also go with the Google keyword planner for the best keyword for your youtube video marketing. This is the best way to optimize your channel.

YouTube Video Optimization

Youtube video optimization is like when youtube hear the keyword on your video and you’re saying your youtube video optimization then youtube suggests your video according to the keyword that you optimize for.

Video Title

The video title should be 5 words that at least take your related keywords in the tittle and it benefits you in escaping keyword-stuffing. If you’re putting 10 keywords in your video then put your keywords in first 30 % in title.


Video descriptions are placed in YouTube videos so that Google understand what your video is about. The better way you write your description, the easier your viewer and Google will understand your content and if you use your keyboard two or three times in the description and also make sure write your descriptions in 250 words, it will be much better Steps to your youtube video SEO.

 Add Tags in your video that better optimize your video and also use your keywords that related to your niche.

Eye catching thumbnail

Eye catching thumbnail is secret key factors to open your video. If you keep video thumbnail eye catching, then you should know that it encourages people more to open your video. If your content is good then people will watch that video as you know at least you should have that 4000 hours, then only your video is monetized according to YouTube Policy. Thumbnails helps more and more to watch video and also to sharing of your video.

Promote your video

If your  video SEO is correct, then you will get a high retention audience if you are understanding that you are doing SEO without Audience retention then you are on wrong track and  you are working somewhere on the wrong strategy. It is also important to know the likes and dislikes of your audience. Whatever you put video content on your channel or whatever is belong to your niche that you are working and if your content is not good then it is very difficult to get retention of the audience.



If you want to put more than 15 minutes of videos on YouTube, then you must first verify your account and if you put 15 minutes of videos or more, then you understand that the better your content will be. You will be easy to get audience only.

Youtube ranking FACTORS is not seen according to the length of your video, the youtube video ranking factors is seen as per your content, your audience is more interested in video and they share your videos only then your content is considered good.

Thumbs up/Thumbs down

You will definitely keep the option of Thumbs Up Thumbs Down open in your video so that you know what is more appealing to your audience and what is not addressing it so that you keep uploading your video on it?

 Video comments

Video comment is a medium to tell your Google that your video is very good or if people are more interested than that, even then they comment your video, here I have liked that those who comment on the video It is easier to rank on Youtube SERPs.

If you get a comment on your video, it means that audience interacting to your video better, and then only the comments are coming on your video. And you understand that which type of content is appealing to your viewer.  Comments on your video can make high chance to rank on youtube SERPs.

Like and subscribe

At the end of the video must tell your audience to subscription your channel because if you speak for the subscription then high chance to get boost on your subscriber. Like and comment are two such things which give a strong message to your Google that your video is relatable, only then channel is getting like, comments and subscriptions.