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Millions of people are earning from YouTube We getview always by your side to bring you and your channel to the next level of success, by the latest updates and tips that make your best  Youtube  experience. Our potential team help you in monetization and also have 24/7 customer services.
YouTube monetization have several benefits and being a partner with the YouTube , upload content and monetize your video. If you put it clearly, Youtube monetization happens as if you make a video and publish it on any platform, then you make money from it.The more people come and watch the video, The more you benefit.
Here are some things that you have to keep in mind like if you are working to grow your channel or wants to make it brands, then you work in the same way and also give the best content to your viewers and,  As you pay attention to your niche and be focused whenever you put the video, put it in a consistency or in regular intervals. As you know, YouTube doesn't pays you for the random videos like you take your camera and shoot any random video ,   instead you will surely paid for its access. 
This can be 
Video access
Audience access
Platform access
Videos Access: Paying to go to the film to get to the most recent blockbuster hit
Audience access: The adverts between TV shows which get to your consideration
Platform Access: Your month to month Netflix membership to get to their video library.
Though youtube monetization has many benefits, but if you really do YouTube, then the biggest advantage is that you get paid for it. if you are putting relevent and engaging content and that  video content is user friendly you are get paid but, you have to follow YouTube policy.
videos adhere to all of YouTube's community guidelines If you are monetizing your video, then some ads will be put on your video from YouTube, which will get you money.
With proper  YouTube video optimization you will surely get worldwide Audience , optimization of your video discreption , tag and thumbnail.