video monetization is the process of making of money through the video that share online on any of the YouTube partner platform. This normally accomplished through Advertisement and through member.
“Video monetization is simply you getting paid for what you create”
Video Monetization in Easy Words Is essentially being paid for the videos you make
The more people watch the video, the more rights will be paid.
To make progress here one can do to type in various different revenue sources as it will get you so far basically based on promotion. 
For monetization of your channel you must have 1000 subscribers and also your video watch time is 4000 minutes.
YouTube offers you to earn money but you have to maintain certain amount of subscriber and upload your video in consistency , maintain quality of your video content for targeted audience for niche you can check our blog video promotion. YouTube will not going to pay for just recording random thing or you go with your camera and record no one will pay for this but you’ll  surely paid for it access.
This can be:
Video access:
Audience access:
Platform access:
 This means that individual will pay for watch your videos and convey messages to those who watch your videos.
Videos Access: Paying to go to the film to get to the most recent blockbuster hit
Audience access: The adverts between TV shows which get to your consideration
Platform Access: Your month to months Netflix membership to get to their video library
You'll see you don't pay for the director to go out and ask them to make the next series. As happy as it may be, you are happy to pay for the chance to see it, which brings me to your video well!
Video monetization to monetize your video content you're going to take the advantage of its access, which is quite favored for you and me, is extremely simple to do in the present on-request video world.
With the help of targeted placement you can connect with the global group of viewers with our publicizing stage. Get position on premium destinations, which will publicize your YouTube campaign, and lift your image's picture. Arrangement focusing on works like pretty much every other present-day media vehicle (TV, radio, print, and so forth.) where promoters can pick the situations where they need to have their advertisements seen.