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Youtube Chanal Monetization | GETVIEW

28 Jan 2022

Anupam Shukla

Youtube Chanal Monetization | GETVIEW
Youtube Video Monetization
Video monetization is the process of making of money through the video that share online on any of the YouTube partner platform. Video on YouTube This is a major achievement for any YouTube After becoming Part of YouTube, YouTube sellers can money from their videos and apart from the help of that mail and chat. You can also get access to copyright  and match tool to keep your video safe on YouTube. 
Creators have to be linked to YouTube’s Policy to become part of YouTube . To be a part of YouTube , the creator must join the YouTube policy and also follow its policies . This policy will not apply to a video the creator but to the entire channel.
Monetization of your channel you must have 1,000 subscribers and also your video watch hours is 4,000 minutes. YouTube offers you to earn money but you have to maintain certain amount of subscriber and upload your video in consistency , maintain quality of your video content for targeted audience for niche you can check our blog video promotion.
 How to Monetize
To have a YouTube channel monetized, you must have 1000 subscribers and also you have 4000 watching hours. Link your YouTube channel with Google adsence. Then you apply for revenue, it means you start the monetization mode on. If there is no problem on your channel you will get an approval mail form YouTube. You must be advertising friendly. There should be nothing that works against the YouTube community.
What causes the channel not to Monetize
  • Copyright claim
  • Copyright strike
  • Reuse content
  • Repetitive content